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Grace Ellen is a self-taught, professional artist based in Surrey. Born in Surrey in 1993, Grace spent her childhood years walking in the Surrey Hills and visiting Cornwall and the Lake District. This inspired her love of the outdoors and led to her choosing to study Animal Behaviour and Ecology at the University of Exeter. Learning about the conservation of such places, and the need for their protection, motivated Grace to start painting them and celebrating their natural beauty. 

Grace continues to draw inspiration from the great diversity seen in British nature and wildlife. Each painting is truly unique and a snapshot of her experience at each location and of the particular day she visited.


Grace’s style sits where the realistic meets the romanticised. Her use of texture mediums, sprays and impasto mark-making bring the landscapes to life on the canvas, and each piece is a joyful celebration of nature. 

Recent prizes include the visitor’s choice awards at both Bath Art Fair and Surrey Contemporary Art Fair. She was also voted as a finalist for the ‘Surrey Artist of the Year’ competition based on her solo show Light and Land. 


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