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Shade and Shimmer
  • Shade and Shimmer

    Acrylic combined with texture mediums and applied over an ochre ground give this painting a sense of warmth, exaggerating the slow approach of hazy morning light from beyond the headland.

    The Pembrokeshire coastal path in early April is an explosion of colour. Flowering gorse and young sea thrift frame the cliff edges and provide a striking contrast against the cooler colours in the sea below. A contrast in the light can also be found along the line of shadows, made by the cliffs, against the brightness of the sunlit swell. I find this shimmering light most uplifting to witness and capture in my work. Delight ensued on my observation of a visiting swallow – a frequent sight along that stretch of coast – which I included on its swooping journey into the bay.

    • Size and Framing

      60x60cm in a 64x64cm white floating frame. 

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