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An Inspirational Trip

One of the most important parts of my work is staying inspired and finding new sources and locations to bring back into the studio. One of my most recent trips was to Hastings country park on the south east coast of England. After seeing some glowing reviews of its walks and views and I was not disappointed. It was incredibly diverse and where one minute I was in a wide open field the next I was winding down a path alongside a waterfall. The main draw for me however was the striking headland views, with steep cliffs and open sea views, as well as pebble beaches and rolling waves.

Day one took us along the cliff path which is quite breathtaking, the low sun made an intense shimmering pool of light on the surface of the sea, and the sea itself stretched so far and wide there was almost no horizon. The jutting headland made for some exciting photographs where the colours and detail ebbed away as they grew further away, I expect these will make it into the studio so watch this space!

On the second day we explored the other side of the park and some of the lower beaches, this provided completely different scenery again and some well deserved fish and chips from town!

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