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Solent Inspiration Trip

I took a trip down towards Southampton to explore a new area of coast, after some research I decided to try out Lepe Country Park and it was just what I had been looking for!

The parking was really easy and just a 5 minute walk to arrive right on the sea front, lots of picnic areas and a nice cafe too.

The view was great straight from the car park!

sail boats on the Solent at Lepe

I have been looking for a part of the coastline with pebbles rather than sand, the rocks here were lovely and colourful and I'm looking forward to playing with texture and building up layers with my paint.

Pebbles at Lepe Country Park

The land is mostly flat and still, meaning lovely reflections on the beach.

sparkling sea solent

My first painting from the trip is called Sailboats on the Solent and sold almost straight away! Im excited to see what else emerges :)

sailboats on the solent, original painting

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