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Brownstone to Berry Head

I took a trip down to Devon last week, and recruited some family to join me on quite a challenging cliff walk! As well as being very good exercise (always look on the bright side) it was also a chance to carry on with my exploration of the British coast.

The views driving up were really enticing with lots of breaks through the hills to tease the sea views. We used the handy national trust car park, Brownstone and took the circular walk along the coast.

The first part of the walk looked on towards Kingswear and the mouth of the Dart river. I loved the way the rolling hills frame the sea and curve back round behind it creating layers headland which fade away into the distance.

The slight cloud made these spectacular pools of light on top of the sea, we enjoyed watching them change shape over time as we got further down the lane. I've always enjoyed painting light on water, and being higher up was perfect for capturing it.

Round the corner was this vibrant, curving headland. I am excited to paint the patchwork of colours and layers in this particular view. This latter part of the walk was fairly steep and involved a little bit of clambering, but was definitely worth while for the views. After the first walk we moved on to Berry Head in Brixham to catch the last of the sun, stopping first at the very delicious Rockfish restaurant for lunch (definitely worth a visit!) Brixham harbour itself is really charming and is apparently the biggest port in England.

Berry head was a smaller area to explore and was perfect for an evening stroll as its much flatter and the sun sets behind the cliffs spreading lovely golden light across the tops. It was a lovely end to a day of walking and exploring and I look forward to sharing some of the paintings which emerge soon.

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